Midgar. The Mako Metropolis. The Rotting Pizza. The thousands who live here each have their own story, and I'm no different. Who am I, you ask? Cloud Strife, private detective. My office is on Fourth Street in Sector Four, and, to be honest, work is scarce. However, that all changed when a beautiful woman dropped by with an unusual job request, related to an environmental terrorist group called AVALANCHE...

DARK CITY FOURTH STREET is a text-based, alternate universe remake of Final Fantasy VII, loosely inspired by Hironobu Sakaguchi's original vision for the game as a detective story and a certain part of the infamous Debug Room. This is the first installment, which covers the events in Midgar up through Cloud's departure from the city.

As Detective Cloud Strife, uncover the stories of both AVALANCHE and Midgar's caretaker, the Shinra Electric Power Company. Join either side, or align yourself with a third option. The choices are up to you!

Some events and characters' personalities have been changed. Some parts have been cut altogether. This is intentional, in order to give the reader a different sort of FFVII experience. As for when future installments will come about, that mostly depends on the release schedule of a certain other multi-part remake.

Please enjoy this divergent take on the story of Final Fantasy VII!

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